Regina Irvin - CEO & Owner, Irvin Trucking LLC
"I found this book to be just what I needed to hear. It was so informative and helpful to me. No matter what age we maybe if we still have breath in our bodies, we can make a change in our lives for the betterment of ourselves. We must realize that sometimes we can be our own worst enemies, when we allow fear and doubt to stop us from achieving our goals in life.
Thanks for the Push, John!"

Aketi Mayweather of Aketi Communications
"I use the Email Specialist to complete my monthly newsletter.  This has made my job so much easier because I know I will have a professional newsletter with excellent content sent to my customers in a timely manner.  Thank you Email Specialist for taking this burden off my shoulders."  

Catherine Carrigan

"I’ve been publishing a monthly newsletter for about 20 years and using Constant Contact for about four years. I learned more from John C. Riley about email marketing in an hour and a half than I gleaned from any other trainer. A true professional, Mr. Riley is friendly, down-to-earth, practical and sure to get results. I’m so glad I drove through rush-hour Atlanta traffic to make it to one of his life-changing workshops." 

Dr. Lisa Smith
"I participated in a class with John Riley last quarter. It gave me a deeper insight into not only how valuable email marketing is, but how necessary it is for communicating with your clients. I have a gift basket business and we are in pre-launch, so since using email marketing, this tool has helped us raise brand awareness and keep our customers up to date on our business. I am not an expert, however, I have a much better understanding of various functions of email marketing, and continue to learn more. I highly recommend a session with John Riley, who is amazing at explaining, teaching, and mentoring!"

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